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A powerful audio recorder to create WAV files from any source
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Blaze Wave Creator is a powerful audio recorder that will create high-quality WAV files from any source that can be played in your computer. Recorded audio files can be saved also in MP3 format, allowing you to use this software as an efficient MP3 encoder. Both WAV and MP3 files can be opened, edited, and enhanced with the wide variety of digital effects available.

Blaze Wave Creator makes it easy for you to digitize all your analogue music collection, to make recordings of any streaming audio coming from the Internet, or of any sound coming from your favourite player. This software works equally well with both WAV and MP3 formats, though WAV is the recommended codec for analogue-to-digital conversions. Wave Creator can save, edit, and encode any WAV or MP3 audio file, using Lame encoding technology for high-quality compressed audio. Wave Creator allows you to make recordings on an open audio file, appending the new sound starting exactly where the pointer was located.

The list of effects available allows you to easily enhance your WAV or MP3 audio files, to improve the overall sound quality or to change its properties to make it sound different. Most frequently used audio effects are included – equalization, volume normalization, fade in, fade out, echo, and more. Other less used options allow you to amplify, reverse, or warm your audio files. Its mixing functionality is codec-independent, allowing you to mix WAV and MP3 files without changing their formats. You can then save the final result in the audio format of your choice.

The full version of Blaze Creator gives you the opportunity of using its Record Cleaner, especially designed to improve the results of your analogue-to-digital conversion. This tool automatically removes the annoying pops and clicks of your vinyls, and eliminates the hum and hiss that come with your analogue tapes.

Blaze Wave Creator includes a wave-form display with full zoom in and zoom out functionalities, allowing for an accurate selection of audio blocks.

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  • Makes analogue to digital conversion a very simple process
  • Good visibility of the wave-form graph even when zooming in


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